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Default Re: Chapter 486

There should be more deaths in the future, most notably should be Yamamoto imo. Him being this overpowering presence kinda dulls the threat of new enemies as long as he's there, and although he has been defeated before, taking him out would really throw things into chaos and make the threat big enough to warrant the Royal Guard (Idk why they didn't come when Aizen took out everyone though, Yama was out of it and if Ichigo didn't train in the Dangai no one would've been there to stop him.)

But whatever. Hopefully next chapter Harribel gets some dialogue, so we can learn what happened in Hueco Mundo, though it appears Nels already telling Ichigo.

The latest chapter also sets up the scene for the Arrancar to join forces with the Shinigami, so all the Grimmjow/Ichigo team-up fans can rejoice as it appears thats actually about to happen. Personally I'd like to see Starrk and Nnoitra again, but they're probably long gone
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