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Default Re: Chapter 486

Mangareader annoyed me to no end because it kept getting buggy with my laptop

Anyway. I'm pretty sure this isn't the last we'll see about Sasakibe, since Kubo has yet to reveal what he was about to say about bankais. Well, Ivan made it pretty clear I think, but Kubo always takes our assumptions, thrash and burn them and come up with something unexpected and sometimes twice as exciting as what we were thinking

Kinda upset that he chose Sasakibe to be the first kill though, he was the safest bet after all. I'm actually not a guy who demands good people deads in the mangas I read, but if a character has to die, I prefer it to be a very interesting and already well-built character, not the background guy who 1 out of 30 people notice and just happens to have the "good character" tag on him/her.

Wondering what will be happening to Halibel and if Grimmjow maybe sided with this bearded emperor for a chance to fight Ichigo again...
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