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Default Re: Chapter 486

I was delighted with all the cards Kubo-san threw down in this chapter:
Sasikabe R.I.P. (and over 100 members of Squad 1).
Nel falling from the sky.
Confirmation Ivan was an arancar.
Harribel a captive and Hueco Mundo in the hands of a new enemy that can enter and exit Soul Society at will.

I've been saying since Aizen's defeat that Soul Society should have taken advantage of the power vacuum in Hueco Mundo to establish a foreard base (to keep any Arancars from seizing control and uniting the hollows again). Had they done this, then this new enemy might have been thwarted or at least detected by now. Yamamoto may have been Captain-Commander for a millenium, but I question his military competence.

After all the times I recall Uuryu telling Ichigo "I'm not your friend, Quincys and Soul Reapers are enemies," in the past, his comments in this chapter make me wonder if he isn't in on the attack to some extent (assuming these are Quincys).

And of course Yamamoto now needs a new Lieutenant. At this point I think there might be good reason to consider Ichigo Kurosaki for the position.
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