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Default Re: Chapter 486

All I can say is WOWZA!!! That was awesome...

Part of me is glad that whats his face died, but I'm also kinda sad because his only other claim to fame was getting ko'ed by Ichigo...

The 2nd thing is that their king wiped that guy out without moving a muscle at all.. at all...AWESOME!!!

thirdly, that guy's only duty was to delay Ichigo...and he got terminated afterward...who behaves that way...

I'm starting to think these guys are Quincy... they hate hollows, it's just like them to use them as fodder for their purposes...

whoever this king is, he's got some serio power... I mean serio...

but I still think he's the SK because he spoke about the balance... I don't think a Quincy would be concerned about the balance...

It would seem right to me, since this is the finale of Bleach (waaaahhhh) that the king reassert himself in how SS is run...and use everything and anything he can adapt.

It's not likely the RG are these guys, but I'm still wondering if Isshin's description of the Vizard exists...if so, I think he (the bad guy king) likely has them on his side as well... because they're gonna use their full reiatsu to assist him.

Lastly, that guy has some serio power... to be able to destroy with a simple thought... I mean this guy was trying to stop Ichigo's reiatsu so he had to have some level of power... even if it was just a distraction...

Did I say that he was uber-powerful already?

This ending is gonna be awesome... hopefully Omaeda will be terminated next...

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