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Default Re: Chapter 486

*** Tite Kubo's recipe to please fangirls and fanboys ***
  • Create a new "damsel in distress" arc. This time, use a fanboy-favorite like Hallibel as the damsel, instead of Rukia or Inoue.
  • Since there is no strong bond between Ichigo and Hallibel, reveal that fangirl-favorite Grimmjow actually has the hots for Hallibel, and he will team up with Ichigo to save her.
  • Eventually, kill Grimmjow when he selflessly protects Hallibel. While he's dying in her arms, remind the readers that Hallibel's aspect of death was sacrifice, yet it's Grimmjow who made the greatest sacrifice; fans will love that scene.
  • Enjoy the sound of fanboys and fangirls squealing in unison.

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