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Would you be sad if Stark dies?

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View Poll Results: Would you be sad if Stark dies?
Yes...that would make me sad 42 75.00%
No...he can rot in hell 4 7.14%
Indifferent 9 16.07%
He should be honored for serving AIZEN SAMA! 1 1.79%
Voters: 56. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 09-04-2009, 09:21 PM
omari79's Avatar
omari79 omari79 is offline
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Would you be sad if Stark dies?

After 372, I couldn't help but feel sad for Stark....i mean...put yourself in his place...

- The mentally and physically excruciating process of turning from a Hollow to an Adjuchas or Vasto lorde
- The Horror of living in his dark and lifeless realm
- The desperation of knowing that he is just another worthless and expandable war tool in Aizen's selfish Crusade

And yet...he seems like the most peaceful and "balanced" member of the Espada...thirst into this war for reasons unknown to us yet....

So...the question is...do you have a compassion/admiration for Stark and would you be sad if he dies?

Last edited by omari79; 09-04-2009 at 09:28 PM.
Old 09-04-2009, 10:05 PM
hitsugaya101's Avatar
hitsugaya101 hitsugaya101 is offline
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

any one serving under aizen could die and wouldnt care
Old 09-04-2009, 10:19 PM
surf_bod's Avatar
surf_bod surf_bod is offline
8th Seated Officer
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

I would be crying dearly in front o his grave, if he ever has one if he dies. I wonder if Aizen would build a grave for him. LOLx

"Sit upon the frozen heavens"
Old 09-04-2009, 10:23 PM
Naya23's Avatar
Naya23 Naya23 is offline
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

I really don't care if Stark dies. I know he'll die for the main characters (err captains) so i couldn't care.
Though he is cool >O<
슈퍼주니어 SJ's ELF - Mr.Simple
Mommeh of Pachi & Snowweh

Old 09-04-2009, 10:36 PM
oji-san's Avatar
oji-san oji-san is offline
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

I wouldn't say I would be sad, it would just be the story moving forward to me. I think He is a cool likable character, but there are still many more I like better.
Old 09-04-2009, 10:36 PM
aie89's Avatar
aie89 aie89 is offline
8th Division 10th seath
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

Lately I feel Stark is quite cool and handsome.. So now wonder I will be
a very very ++ care person when he is dying. But when we remember the
episodes before..All the enemy will be dead..So I need to prepare my self for
the story after this filler.^^
Trio 60'

~Zadoc's~ Sis of neliel_1& kuchikilord10~ BFF Amni ~Hayami Clan~Bill's daughter~blazered1's niece~
Old 09-05-2009, 01:29 AM
Kenchan_demonwithin Kenchan_demonwithin is offline
13th Seated Officer
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

It would be a huge dissapointment for me, as he's my favorit character, the latest chapters just made it even stronger, but if he dies I just have to accept it, but would be really dissapointed.
Old 09-05-2009, 05:41 AM
huecomundodweller's Avatar
huecomundodweller huecomundodweller is offline
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

Well now that Stark is alone in this fight to the death, yes I would feel sad when he dies. But I hope some protagonist dies while someone fights Stark at least to make it a worthwhile story to read. And I hope they show a little flashback of Stark as well. But I really hope he survives because I think he is a pacifist and only fights when its absolutely necessary. Otherwise he doesn't take things seriously and would rather go to HM which he doesn't seem to mind and sleep his life away. What a loner if you ask me. I hope the fight with Stark will be epic because he is a total oxymoron. His release is los lobos and well that means wolves. And well his aspect of death is loneliness. And well wolves are pack animals and well they are probably never lonely. And we see stark with a pack of wolves. And yet he is alone with the exception of linynette. So the oxymoron lone wolf comes out. I know when he does go out it won't be with a bang and it won't be yelling and screaming like Barragan was. He will just except his fate. Or refuse to fight and Aizen will be forced to kill him. It will just be really sad because you know he has a heart somewhere. Stark-kun
Old 09-05-2009, 08:10 AM
koekie koekie is offline
Black Lioness of Hell House
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

I would feel sad he is one of my fav bad guys.I just hope that TK doesn't give him a lame farewell like barragan and i am kinda holding tumbs that he doesn't die gets injured real bad leaves the battle wounded with a small victory and got rid of one of the VZ preferably Love
Old 09-05-2009, 08:18 AM
Hitsu_Hina's Avatar
Hitsu_Hina Hitsu_Hina is offline
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Would you be sad if Stark dies?

I would be a little sad if Stark did die...

He doesn't seem like a guy to hold a big grudge on anyone plus he's lazy.
He would properly be a nice character if he didn't have to serve Aizen that doesn't care about any of his surbordinates at all....

I really hate Aizen....... Well hopefully Stark won't die a horrible death at least...
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