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[13th Division] Hidden castle - Zanpakutou retreat - Page 12

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Old 07-05-2012, 01:50 PM
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Default Re: [13th Division] Hidden castle - Zanpakutou retreat

Seki smiled and nodded. To someone who has looked past many deceptions, his reaction would look forced. In truth, it really isn't. It's simply how he rolls. Contradictions are what made both him and his wielder. Whatever. "Yes. Nothing wrong with it. It's never wrong to have too many information, even if you don't have too many information. Any amount of information is good actually." But he's rambling, though that part went unsaid. If there's something wrong with his mind, he's fine with it. Just makes things a lot more fun anyway.
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Old 07-30-2012, 11:05 PM
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Default Re: [13th Division] Hidden castle - Zanpakutou retreat

The sky was a carpet of black.

A crescent moon hung high in the heavens over the hidden castle, the speckling of silver stars dotted beneath it like teardrops against the velvet night.

In the shadows of the castle, a slight, lithe figure ghosted from corner to corner, illuminating each shadowy alcove with her ethereal aura of light.

 Spoiler: click to show

Her expression was a mixture of sadness and frustration, the staff she carried in her hand glimmering and rippling with energy as though reflecting the feelings in her heart. Her long, golden hair rippled out behind her, though there was no tangible sense of breeze, and her feet barely touched the ground, her movements soundless against the grass.

It was no good. No matter how hard she tried, the girl could not yet hear her voice.

She let out a sigh, watching as the exhalation caused the fragments of light around her body to shift slightly out and then back into position.

She had been so sure that, as soon as the girl had come here, things would be different. She was certain that here, the girl would have heard her attempts to speak...but it had all been in vain.

And so, lonely and despairing of anyone ever hearing her voice again, she had come here, to this dark, empty shell of a place. It's bleakness suited her mood. Spirits usually congregated in these shadowy locations to be alone with their thoughts, but in her case, she had been alone far too long.

She had come seeking companionship, yet she did not know whether she would be able to communicate even with her own kind. Her confidence shattered, Gekkoushin lurked at the edge of the castle grounds, reluctant to haze her golden form through the cracks at the window shutters and into the rooms within.
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Old 05-02-2013, 08:04 AM
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Default Re: [13th Division] Hidden castle - Zanpakutou retreat

The air seemed calm, clean. The water serene and dyed a deep blue. It seemed like the perfect place for one to take a break when needed. A silhouette of a women could be seen on the reflection of the lake nearby, standing with pride. She had long violet hair, dark blue eyes and armor that covered her entire body. Usually she was in a fighting stance, as the zanpakuto spirit was ruthless on the battlefield. But today, she was instructed to take a break from the constant training and fighting and relax. Although the women didn't know of what the word meant, exactly. It had been ages since the last time she relaxed on her own. But the water nearby seemed to soothe her; her face full of harmonious bliss.

As she sat by the waters edge, she looked up at the sky. She didn't sight see much, but since she was forced to relax, she thought it was a perfect time to enjoy things she didn't before. The sky was a beautiful cerulean in her eyes. And the clouds were reflected beautifully upon the lake. She was alone, and she had just noticed how quiet it was around. She felt several spirits lurking nearby, but no where near eye sight. Hakka Shugo closed her eyes slowly and reminisced in the memories she had kept within her. Even if she was a Zanpakuto spirit, she remembered quite a lot from her life prior to the one she was bound to now. She remembered seeing a castle, grand and beautiful. In a land where everything was surrounded in pleasant greenery, she saw herself walking along a trail with someone; even though she didn't know who it was exactly. She reopened her eyes and shook the image out of her mind, afraid to sink back into a past she had tried to forget.
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Old 11-13-2013, 02:50 AM
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Default Re: [13th Division] Hidden castle - Zanpakutou retreat

Hikaru had been in her inner world a few times and she and her zanpakutou spirit had gotten to know each other very well, but she thought he might need a reprieve for a while, so she wandered over to the grounds of the thirteenth division over to the hidden castle.

Once at the hidden castle, Hikaru made her way to a place she had heard about during her time in the thirteenth, It was called the Zanpakutou Retreat; a place to let your zanpakutou spirit roam free.

The sixth seat entered the retreat and found there were different paths to take. Seeing the woods, she decided to take this path and see what was here.

Soon, Hikaru heard rushing waters. Had they come across spring or waterfall? Indeed, they had come across a hot spring.

Hikaru thought her zanpakutou spirit would like this area, so she unsheathed her sword and released her zanpakutou. She called out, "Yugandero 歪んでろ (Warp), Kyouki (Insanity) 狂気!" Instead of it forming the usual chain sickle, Hikaru's zanpakutou spirit took on his true form and revealed himself, appearing in front of her, facing her. "Greetings, Hikaru-dono."

Hikaru smiled and explained to Kyouki she had freed him for the day. "Kyouki, why don't you take the day off and explore to your heart's content. I found a relaxing place for you. I've brought you to the hot springs, but you take your choice of where you want to go."

Kyouki bowed and thanked his partner for allowing him to rest. "Thank you, hime."

Indeed, Kyouki first rested in the hot springs area. He took off his bandages and hopped in. The water did sting some at first, but it felt good. Kyouki had hoped this would help his wounds. He'd stay here for a while and then later, find another place to explore.
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