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Chapter 488: Bond Behind Blast - Page 12

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Old 04-17-2012, 08:50 PM
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Chapter 488: Bond Behind Blast

He said that if Ichigo doesn't cut him down their fight will remain forever unsettled meaning there won't be a true victor.
If Ulquiorra were to be able to return then that means they can have a re-match which means their fight could be settled. But Ulquiorra knew he was dieing and thus will never be coming back which is why he told Ichigo to cut him down before he completely disappears, so the fight could be settled.

But Ichigo didn't cut him down. So, as Ulquiorra said, the fight will remain forever unsettled.

I liked Ulquiorra too but face it, he's dead, finished, turned to ash like Zommari, Szayel and I think Stark. Barragan doesn't count because that was just what respira does.
Also bringing him back would completely ruin his awesome death sceen, I don't think Kubo would want that to happen. Giving a character an epic death sceen just to reveal later on that they're actually still alive doesn't make any sense and is extremely lame.

So yeah other than Halibel and Neliel who are back the only espada who still have a chance of returning are Grimmjow and maybe Nnoitra. Though Nnoitra's chances of returning are far smaller than than Grimmjow's and aren't very likely.
The others are all dead.
Yammy's reiatsu was said to be slowly disappearing in the 3rd databook, meaning he probably died from all those wounds.
Aaroniero was stabbed through the head and was seen in hell.
Szayel(who was also seen in hell), Zommari and Ulquiorra all turned to ash.
Barragan and Stark are confirmed dead by Pesche.
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Old 04-17-2012, 09:36 PM
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My Shinigami [?]
Default Re: Chapter 488: Bond Behind Blast

Thanks for clearing that up. I confused at first because he got his organs damaged and saying this is it but then he said it would never end. But your explanation completely helped me understand where Ulquiorra was coming from
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