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How come...

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Old 04-09-2012, 04:26 AM
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Default How come...

In the Anime they violence is toned down and in english dubs there is no swearing? it irritates me !

i want some nice blood and swear words in my dubbed anime lol.

there are also some other animes like this too i think, i dont get it!
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Old 04-09-2012, 01:53 PM
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Default Re: How come...

The standards of what is acceptable by the country they are dubbing for is different to what Japan thinks is acceptable. For example, I don't think Americans find blood, gore, chopped off limbs suitable for the kids in their country. Hence, they remove these things. For the same reason, they tone down swearing. This is the same across all dubbed anime.

If you seriously want to watch the violence and etc, your best bet is to watch the subbed episodes. You won't be able to hear the English voice actors, but that's something you'll have to live without if you decide to watch it subbed. In my opinion, the subbed episodes have a more natural feel to them. There is the original violence and swearing, although it be in Japanese.
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Old 04-09-2012, 03:30 PM
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Default Re: How come...

The dub actually has more swearing than the Jap version. Japan doesn't have swear words like us. Just rude versions of words, which is like swearing for them.


Teme = Rude form of the word "You." But the subs have it meaning "bast****, a**hole, wh@re, ect. And that's not correct.

In the jap version, when Nnoitra yells at Tesla to run, he says "Bakayaro, nigero, Tesla. Which means, "Idiot, run", but the subs made it into "Stupid "sh**head."

So, the subtitles exagerate. The english just adds what cussing we do have.
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Old 04-11-2012, 03:19 PM
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Default Re: How come...

Yeah. I agree with you Silver Fang. I too have noticed that. The "Teme" word had been spoken many times but the subs are different time to time.
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Old 04-15-2012, 09:14 AM
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Default Re: How come...

The subs tend to exaggarate and often put more rude/swear words in (since they want to get the point across and nobody complains). "I messed up" turns into "I f*cked up" and "Idiot" turns into "F*cking bastard!" and so on and so forth. As for the violence, it often is tuned down since it might be because of the time it is aired, its "supposed" target audience, the violence tolerant level, etc, have to be thought out when producing the anime and thus, it is tuned down.

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Old 04-15-2012, 09:24 PM
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Default Re: How come...

*Gives Silver Fang a whole pile of cookies*

This is one of those topics that's really frustrating and it's entirely the fault of the scanlators or translators. There aren't swear words in Japanese, as Silver Fang correctly said. It's all done on grammar and terminology.

For example, the verb "to go" in English is pretty much the same no matter how polite you're making it. Right?

In Japanese, how you alter that verb determines how polite you are. The Japanese verb "to go" is "iku". Iku on its own means "go", but if you were saying it politely, you'd say "ikimasu." If you were taking it to the other end of the scale, you'd say "ikiyagatte."

In Bleach, if you listen to how characters talk, you can hear the ~masu quite often when a character talks to a character that supersedes them in age or rank (or Urahara who uses it all the time regardless). You can also hear that Ichigo and certain other characters use the ~yagatte suffix when talking to people they really don't like very much.

~yagatte is what's considered a "rude" verbal suffix in Japanese, in that it implies you have no respect for the person you're talking to/about.

There's also a huge difference in the word "you" as Silver Rain said. Kisama, Teme, Omae, Kimi, Anata is the usual ranking from least respectful to most respectful. There are others - Byakuya uses "Kei" for people he respects and "kisama" for those he doesn't. If you watch the fight between him and Ichigo, he switches from Kisama at the start to Kei by the very end, indicating the shift in his respect for Ichigo.

All of these things are really hard to render into English translation, and so sometimes scanlators add in words to try and emphasise the difference in speech level. Whilst I think there's some justification for adding in words like "jerk", "creep", etc, some scanlators just go way too far and as FujoshiFTW said, completely rewrite sections of dialogue to spice them up rather than translating what the characters actually say.

This is fine and all, until fans start complaining about official translations being "censored" to remove the bad language. It's not that they're being censored, but often that the fan scanlated versions are mistranslated.

In short, there are no real swear words in Bleach. Kuso and Chikusho are the only words which could be considered in that category and they're not very strong terms.

If you want to get cross with someone, therefore, get cross with the translators who add in the expletives, not the ones who (correctly), leave them out.
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Old 04-15-2012, 11:49 PM
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Default Re: How come...

oh well that makes sense, though i do like how they swear i think it adds more emotion personally

but how come the violence and some stuff is toned down like i remember grimmjow ripped off menolys leg (Probably one of the most badass things he's done.) but in the anime he doesn't.

also in the manga Nnoitra sticks his fingers in Orihime's mouth to shut her up but not it the anime
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